The typical ATM customer will spend 15% more than a non-ATM customer in a convenience store. This percentage rises in a bar, nightclub, or restaurant location
Indoor and free standing ATMs are the most widely used types of machines, followed by drive through machines
Half of adult Americans use ATM machines on a regular basis; higher income Americans use them most often
40% of regular ATM users will visit a machine an average of 10 times per month
60% of Americans between the ages of 25 and 34, and 51% between 35 and 49 use ATMs an average of 8 times a month
The average withdrawal is $60.00
According to a recent survey, 43% of customers prefer to receive cash from ATMs regardless of whether or not their bank is open or not

The average ATM customer will spend a substantial portion of site-accessed money with your business.
ATM machines brings customers to your business so that they may access the ATM.
ATMS provides ultimate convenience to your customers.
Having an ATM machien saves your business from having to take checks.
Eliminate credit card charge backs.
Saves your business the percentage you would normally pay the bank on credit card transactions; it generates income with every transaction.
ATMs attracts more customers, increases sales, and reduces bad check losses to zero.