You know how it is – when a cardholder needs money, they need it now. If the ATM they are using is too slow or experiencing problems, they’ll find one that works –somewhere else. You need an ATM repair company you —and your customers— can rely on.

That’s why we offer the A&E Service Program. It guarantees dependability with an extended warranty for the lifetime of our processing agreement

Why We’re a Leading ATM Repair Company

Our experienced ATM repairs staff at A&E Vending works hard to keep our flat-rate repair rates low. We’ll make sure your repairs are completed with your business interests in mind.

Not only do we repair the ATM if it breaks down, but we repair it quickly. Our ATM maintenance policy is that if a part is malfunctioning, we remove the part and replace it with one that we know is working correctly. We then send the malfunctioning part back to our corporate maintenance department to be either repaired or refurbished.

Each of our ATM machine service field engineers are thoroughly trained on the ATM. Their vehicles are stocked with parts so they can get your ATM repaired and back in service right away.

Periodically, our ATM machine service staff does preventative maintenance, which includes: software upgrades that insure your ATM to be in top-notch working condition. That way, we can spot problems before they happen and your machine can stay up and running.

If you’re in need of a repair on your ATM please fill out the form below:
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